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What’s the one thing that can completely ruin your day? Surprisingly, it’s not always a bad morning coffee or a client that ditched last moment. Getting locked out is something no one wants to experience, but somehow it is always the most inconvenient of times when lockouts happen. When you need to get back in urgently, you don’t want to waste time searching for a reliable locksmith.

You need someone with all the right tools, skills, and experience to open your door quickly, easily, and safely like Excellent Locksmith. We offer a range of lockout services in Philadelphia for your ease. Our professionals are highly trained and carry the most up-to-date equipment available to ensure that you get back into your home or business efficiently.

We bring peace of mind to hundreds of customers with our 24/7 emergency locksmith services. We come to you fully prepared with all the latest tools so that we can open even the most stubborn of locks for you. So, even if your keys get stuck in the house door while you’re out on an evening or you have just lost your car keys, we are just a call away!

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What Lockout Issues Do we Help with

You always think that you won’t have to face any inconvenience with your locks until you find yourself locked out. With no way of getting back in your house, office, or car, you are left with only two choices; break the lock or call a locksmith to do the job decently. Here are a few reasons why people lock themselves out.

Broken Keys or Locks

No matter how durable material is used to make your keys, they are never indestructible. Damaged, broken, or old keys are one of the major reasons to leave locked out. If the pin or teeth of the key breaks, it gets hard to notch it inside the lock causing trouble in opening the door. 

Lost or Stolen Key

If your key is lost somewhere or you have a doubt someone may have stolen it, you are in trouble. Of course, you cannot get in your car or house without a key to it. In such a situation, key rekeying is considered a secure and feasible option. 

Keys Left Inside 

This is the most common reason for lockouts. We forget our things all the time, and our keys top the list. Keys left inside are no better than keys lost because you’ll need new keys to get back in. 

Jammed Doors

Jammed doors and locks create a lot of trouble because you never know when the door decides not to open. Your doors can get stuck if the lock is rusting or the door is expanding due to moisture, leaving you stranded outside. 

Gaining access to your workplace, office, or vehicle can be difficult when you don’t have the keys or whom to call for help. We’re the new generation of locksmiths because we have what it takes to get you back in! We have expertise in dealing with residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith issues. No matter how simple or complex the job is, we know what to do! We understand that lockouts require immediate action. Our locksmiths will not let you stranded by the circumstance by reaching your place without wasting a second. We can get you out of sticky situations with commercial, home/apartment, and car lockouts. We can even help you replace lost house keys, car keys, or office keys. Get in touch to see how our 24-hour emergency service can help you!

Our Emergency Lockout Services in Philly

Home Lockout Services

We know it’s scary to trust someone you don’t know to enter your home, especially when locksmiths are often seen as shady characters. But we pay attention to every detail. It doesn’t matter if you have a broken key or a jammed lock; we will have your problem fixed in no time. What’s more, is that our house lockout service costs a lot less than you would think! So, when you need professional house lockout services near you in Philadelphia, you can count on our skilled locksmiths without a second thought. We can offer your home lockout services for the following situations:

  • Lost/stolen key
  • Jammed locks
  • House break-in
  • Broken keys

Car Lockout Services

A car lockout can be an intimidating event, best left to the professionals to deal with. A broken key, a jammed lock, or a lost key fob can suddenly leave you with little choice but to call for car lockout services. Better make the right choice by calling Excellent Locksmith.

When you get locked out of your car or need help with your ignition, our 24/7 auto locksmith services are available to get you back on the road in no time. From emergency lockouts to lost keys and belongings retrieval, we can handle any job quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Lockouts

If your business is open for 24hrs a day, seven days a week, you need an out-of-hours commercial lockout service like ours that you can call at any time to meet your needs. With Excellent Locksmith, you get commercial lockout services that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective. So, your business stays on track without any interruptions or delays!

We aim to help you get back into your property as fast as possible. We have a team of efficient locksmith technicians to provide you with the fastest lockout services. We use industry-leading techniques to gain access to your facility—no need to wait until the next business day for a replacement key. Our expert technicians can typically gain access in as little as 10-15 minutes from the time of your call!

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Affordable lockout services Philadelphia

With many people working long hours, it’s easy to mislay keys or lock them in a car. Unfortunately, these kinds of problems can happen at a time when a locksmith is the last thing you want to contact. We understand that these kinds of accidents aren’t your fault, and we’re just as willing as you are to let it slide for a price.

Excellent Locksmith is here to help you on all occasions you might end up locked out. We provide quick and affordable lockout services so that you won’t need to worry about your pocket to get back in. So, if you find yourself locked out of your car or residence, call us today, and we will be there to ensure that every problem is taken care of. Trust us when we say that we offer the most budget-friendly solutions to all your lockout needs. 

Licensed Locksmiths You Can Trust!

We understand how hard it is to trust some random guys with the security of your property. It will not be the case with Excellent Locksmith because all our staff is licensed, insured, and background checked. Not only are we skilled at tackling home lockouts and car lockouts, but our locksmiths have also handled confidential tasks such as commercial security. 

Our team consists of highly experienced locksmiths who are constantly trained to be updated about the latest techniques. Whether the key is stuck in the lock or you have lost it somewhere, our locksmiths will come to you prepared with all the equipment needed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Unlock Your Car With Keys Inside?

Most car owners tend to try DIY unlocking methods when they leave their keys inside the vehicle. Before calling us, If you can resolve the issue we’d recommend using a coat hanger or a very thin wire to pry the lock open. 

How Much Does Lockout Service Cost

The cost of lockout services in Philadelphia depends on the type of service you need.  If you hire a company that charges you hourly, you’ll have to pay $75 to $100 for home lockout assistance. For commercial lockout, the cost can go up to $180. 

Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

A professional and experienced locksmith can easily make a new key even if you don’t have the original one. They have specialized tools and techniques to make the exact copy of the key according to the keyhole. So, if you have lost your keys or locked them inside, you can easily count on these experts to make a new key for your car, house, or office. 


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